Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's going on at the office this February

Entry by: Stacey Oelrich, Community Relations Development Coordinator

Though we aren't as crazy as we were during campaign time, the Marshfield Area United Way office is really busy.

Our fearless leader and Executive Director, Kim Baltus is

  • Helping with Community Foundation
  • Working with the LIFE Book committee to produce our Wood County LIFE Book
  • Board trainings, Executive committee meetings
  • Working with the Mental Health Collalition -- another partnership with many area organizations
  • And helping Sarah, Jeanne and I with our various projects while zipping through her other To Do's and piles on her desk

Sarah Krenn, our Community Impact/Volunteer Center Coordinator has mutiple projects zipping around her office ... She's

  • Putting together her Community Impact Committee for the Impact-Allocations process coming this spring.
  • Organizing and re-vamping the 2007 Application for funding.
  • Calling together Vision Councils coming towards the end of February.
  • Planning the Volunteer Recognition event, partnering with Gannett foundation
  • National Youth Service Day
  • And she's working on many more things

Jeanne Denk, our Administrative Assistant ... but she's so much more than that ...

  • Keeping everything with CDs and bank authorization up-to-date
  • Working on the audit
  • Helped me update our Web site
  • Working with United Ways across the country for designations
  • Forgive me ... Jeanne does so much that keeps us running ... I couldn't possibly recap it all for you!

I'm gradually progressing through my piles too... as your Community Relations Development and First Call 2-1-1 Coordinator I am ...

  • Trying to implement the new ideas from our Communication Strategic plan
  • Creating a Partner Program e-newsletter
  • Fax Facts to our community CEOs
  • Collaborating with our regional United Ways for our upcoming 2006 Campaign
  • Meeting with our 2-1-1 Committee and Michelle Hartness
  • Creating the Community Focus newsletter
  • Creating the Retiree-Senior newsletter

It's always a relief once the newsletters are printed and ready to be sent! I always have such anxiety about them in the time between our office's final proofreading session and sending it to the printer.

This is just sample of what all of us are doing. Each day is something new and we continually work together within this office, our Partner Programs, the community and our state and national United Way network!