Friday, April 13, 2007

Volunteers hard at work during Impact Funding

Earlier this week, if you visited the United Way office, you would have been surrounded by stacks of packets and three ring binders. Yes, it’s time for our funding cycle, which means application packets from current Partner Programs and new programs.

Each year, programs put together a packet detailing their program’s missions and goals, financials, how they help people and ways they are improving our community.

Volunteers from all walks of life will review these packets, have an opportunity to speak with program representatives and then decide what funding the applicants receive. These volunteer teams will make funding recommendations and the board will review and allocate in May.

Because the campaign exceeded goal, the Impact Committee will look at needs and funding requests from last year’s application and give supplemental funding, additional to money granted for 2007, to current Partner Programs.

This isn’t the only funding process United Way has though. There are also grant opportunities in May, August and November, when funds are available. Venture funds are granted for new programs addressing community needs and supplemental funding for existing programs that have unforeseen costs.

We’re working together to touch the lives of your family, friends and neighbors throughout the Marshfield area who need help.

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