Friday, October 19, 2007

Decorating heroes add flair and creativity to Figi's, Inc.'s campaign

Figi’s, Inc. employees broke out their creative sides for the department decorating contest. “Last year everyone did such a wonderful job, but after walking around to look at each department’s decorating … I had rewrite my speech (for tomorrow’s presentation)!”

Decorations this year were encouraged to follow the theme “Heroes Among Us” and incorporate United Way. After visiting all the locations, the Figi’s United Way committee, which served as judges, had a hard time choosing winners.

One department recreated Marshfield in cardboard (Right)--including the Figi's building, city hall, and buildings where United Way Partner Programs are located. A "bus" greeted us at the entrance to take the United Way tour (Left).

Marketing transformed their space into a Gallery of Heroes, complete with mood lighting, a snack for the judges and displays with real-life heroes in our country. (Left, Gallery of Heroes Sign at entrance of display).

Pictured at right, a display representing United Way Partner Program, Kiddie Kaboose. The department responsible for this display used their space to showcase many Partner Programs including: Girl Scouts, Youth Net, Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way's 2-1-1 and more!

We were also treated to another type of gallery of heroes--but these heroes hit a little closer to home. The walls were lined with uniforms from service men and women related to the employees. (Left)

Another section of this area was dedicated to every day heroes such as nurses, firefighters, police officers and more. (Right)

Superheroes also made a couple appearances. In the Executive Offices, a display showcased 101 Ways to Care and familiar faces dressed as favorite caped crusaders. (Left)

Pictured at right, this department brought patriotism to their decorating with red, white and blue color scheme. Hanging from the ceiling is the name of each Partner Program printed on a card and the balloons have the name of the employees in the department. Hershey "Hero" candy bars were placed on the table. (It never hurts to bribe the judges with chocolate and other treats. Many of the departments embraced this idea.)

Accounting placed their employees in capes as well. Printed pictures were hung from the ceiling with a cape and name of a Partner Program on the shield. (Left) They also did a little homework and found each program's funding amount for 2007 and placed checks around the department depicting how much money goes to each program.

It was a creative and informational way to utilize the theme and incorporate United Way.

Another great idea many of the departments had were to collect donations of nonperishable foods for the local food pantry and United Way Program, Soup Or Socks. (Right)

Information Systems created a haunted spooktacular by closing off their space with black curtains and set a perfect atmosphere with spooky music and fog! Pictured at left, a skeleton demonstrates the importance of maintaining a good dental hygiene. Many of the Partner Programs received this haunted makeover including: Boy Scouts, Red Cross, Kiddie Kaboose and more!

Thank you Figi’s, Inc. and all the employees who participated in this fun, creative event! It was such a pleasure for United Way staff and Drive Chairs to visit these amazing transformed spaces.

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