Friday, June 20, 2008

United Way spirit is community members caring for each other

Contributed by Andy & Kris Keogh, 2008 Drive Chairs

Marshfield Area United Way has asked us to lead the 2008 United Way campaign. This is a task we find exciting and gratifying and we look forward to meeting and talking with as many people as we can in the coming months. Our central Wisconsin community is for the most part a healthy, safe and peaceful place to live and work. This is because of our history of caring–people and families caring for friends, neighbors and community. We are honored and humbled to lead this community through another season of caring.

For the most part the Marshfield area is an ideal place to live. But there are among us many who have deep and fundamental needs. Our community must make sure none of us goes hungry, cold, sick, homeless or with any basic needs unattended.

In 2007 one of every four persons needed and used a United Way funded program; we all probably know someone whose life was thus personally touched and enriched. At any time it could be any one of us needing help. Our success in any United Way campaign is based on meeting the needs of all who find themselves in need.

When you think of our community as the “united whole” our communal health depends on the condition of each and every person living here. If one child goes without dinner it affects us all.

This is what is reflected in the United Way new tagline LIVE UNITED. While the tagline can be read as a suggestion or a request, we see it as stating a fact. No one lives alone. The only way communities can truly live well is by acknowledging that unity and caring are fundamental components of living well. A healthy community cares for its own.

Marshfield Area United Way has an outstanding history creating opportunities of a better life for everyone. We want to help maintain that history through our leadership. It seems likely the number of those needing help will be greater than ever in the coming months. And while we will probably feel some financial pinch, we need to help those for whom this financial strain is most drastic.

Contributions to this United Way help people in Marshfield, plus all of north Wood, southeast Clark, and southwest Marathon counties. When you’re asked to make a contribution this fall please be generous. Please care: Give. Advocate. Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.

Andy and Kris Keogh are the 2008 Drive Chairs for Marshfield Area United Way. To learn more visit or call 384-9992.