Thursday, April 29, 2010

Local woman wins United Way raffle

** 2011 Raffle details coming soon!  The Dare to Dream Raffle will be launched May 2 - Check here or Marshfield Area United Way's Web site for updates **

The final two days of the Marshfield Area United Way Dare to Dream Raffle saw more than $20,000 in ticket sales. And the grand prize winner, Marshfield resident Pattie Kelnhofer waited until the last day to buy her ticket.

"Paula, (United Way's Executive Director), made one last announcement that tickets sales were ending today. I went back and forth, should I buy it or not?"

Pattie decided to buy a ticket, telling Paula Jero, it would be a donation, since she wouldn't win. "But I asked to look at the tickets, to find a good number."

On the way to a meeting in Stevens Point, Pattie said to herself, I'm going to win that raffle. "But immediately I said, how stupid no I'm not."

But she did. Her ticket was drawn at 12:30 by Shannon Nienast, Wisconsin Homes General Manager.

Nienast called Pattie to tell her the good news, and she didn't believe it.

Later, at the United Way office, she pulled out her ticket to compare it to the stub. "There it is," she said.

As Pattie was going home to process her good fortune, she said, "I'll never forget this day."

Since less than $4,300 were sold, the grand prize went to a 50/50 proceeds split, for a total of $41,602.50.

Second place was Rob Kubatski, who won $4,000

Third place was Len Zawislan, who won $1,000.

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