Friday, October 08, 2010

Money Smart Week: Day 5 -- Never too early to learn about money

Your children watch your decisions and habits more closely than you realize.  So, it's important to talk with them about money as soon as you feel they're ready.  There a many every day opportunities that you can use as teaching moments without long lectures or financial degrees.  These moments will help your child feel comfortable talking about questions or concerns and they will start to form their values and opinions when it comes to money.

  • Allowance teaches your children that money is earned. 
  • Frugal or Smart Shopping with coupons, comparing prices, shopping sales will help your child become a saavy consumer.
  • That Piggy Bank is more than just decoration.  Your child can learn about saving with each penny for the piggy.  Include goals with your saving lessons, help them mark their progress and celebrate when their goal is met.
  • Plastic isn't just harmful to the environment.  Show them your credit and debt cards and explain differences between them and the "best" times to use each.
See more teachable money moments, broken down by age groups that you can share with your children

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