Monday, June 06, 2011

Register your organization to recruit volunteers

Let’s face it.  Projects and events take a lot of work.  Often it’s more manpower than your organization has—especially when you are small.  But to make a big splash, you can’t just limit your imagination to the number of employees or core members.

If you are a community organization, task force, service organization or nonprofit: you can register on the Volunteer Web site to post events or office tasks to help lighten the load.

First you have to register and create a profile.  This tells prospective volunteers a little bit more about you such as who you serve, your mission and your contact information.  Once our staff approves your profile you’re ready to recruit!

Think big … and small.  Volunteers can help with simple, but time intensive administrative work like labeling projects.  You can post to find help for daily on the ground operations like program leaders.  Or get a team to carry out your organization’s grand scale events that require many heads and hands to make it spectacular.

Whatever your need … there’s probably someone in the community perfect for it, and just waiting to help.

View current organizations and opportunities here.  Questions? Call 715-384-9992 or email us.

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