Tuesday, January 17, 2012

United Way Reaches Goal

Marshfield Area United Way announced that its 2011 Campaign goal of $910,000 has been reached. The 2011 campaign total is $914,125 which is $34,125 more than what was raised last year. Marshfield Area United Way would to thank all those who generously contributed and also those who gave their time to this year’s campaign.

With the recession still affecting the economy, United Way credits its many individual, corporate, employee, and retired givers in helping surpass the $910,000.  This is the first time since 2007 that United Way announced a public goal for its annual fundraising campaign and it was aggressively set $30,000 above the amount raised last year.

“Tammy and I are both goal oriented people.  We felt very strongly that United Way needed to once again make public the goal for our community to reach.  Our message throughout the campaign was firm and passionate that the needs of this area were more desperate than they have ever been” said Campaign Drive Chair, Dave Meissner, of the public goal.

Reaching goal this year was made possible because this community has such a great capacity to care for one another. “There are many businesses and individuals that stepped up to assure the goal was attainable.  They are too numerous to mention by name but I do feel the need to thank the Marshfield Clinic.  It was their leadership and vision that set the pace for this campaign early with $25,000 Match Challenge.  Special thanks to Dr. Tim Boyle, Al Chaney and Dr. Karl Ulrich for recognizing the difficulties faced by so many individuals in our community,” said Meissner. The Clinic proposed a challenge this past October, to match any new and increased donations up to $25,000. The community’s response was remarkable.

The generosity of donors makes it possible for United Way to help meet the rising demand for basic services, such as, food and shelter, in the community.  The funds from this year’s campaign will also go to support local youth initiative programs that help children reach their full potential as well as fund programs that help people whom are vulnerable gain financial stability. Last year, these programs helped over 11,000 individuals in the community.

Campaign Drive Chair Tammy Meissner said in summary of this year’s campaign, “It has been an honor and privilege to represent United Way this year.  We have gained an even deeper appreciation for the folks who day in and day out, work to adapt to increased needs of struggling families and individuals. United Way represents a safety net for our community and its most vulnerable population.  Everyone faces challenges in life but what's important to realize is that there are those to catch you when you fall.  Thanks to the area’s generosity and commitment to their community, neighbors, and co-workers, United Way continues to be there.”

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