Monday, April 23, 2012

Improve Quality of Life by Volunteering

Part of a course requirement for a Business Management class I took in college was to volunteer with a local non-profit organization. At the time, I thought my professor was asking for way too much. My time was precious. I was already trying to balance a schedule filled with classes, study groups and work…now she was asking me to give more of MY time, and for what?

I reluctantly chose to volunteer at a local food pantry. The work I did there was quite simple but the reward ended up being immeasurable. For a couple of hours every Tuesday and Thursday evening, I assisted individuals who came to the pantry in need of food. To see the impact this had on them overwhelmed me. The sincere feelings of gratitude that poured out from them filled me with a sense of pride like I had never felt before.

People came to the pantry in need of food and I helped fulfill their need. I came to the pantry in need of a reality check and I was certainly given one. I was so caught up in myself I was unaware of life happening around me.

To this day, that class was one of the most influential, memorable experiences I have had in my life. My volunteer time at the food pantry taught me so much, but mostly it taught me about the kind of person I wanted to be and what really matters in life. I learned that giving a little can give you so much more in return. 

If you have never volunteered or have not volunteered for some time, I encourage you to consider giving some of your time and talent to any our local programs and organizations. You can commit to an hour, an afternoon, a Saturday, or even commit to an ongoing opportunity. 

Please visit our website at and click on Volunteer to see the many opportunities listed on the Marshfield Volunteer Center.  

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