Friday, January 12, 2007

4:02 on a Friday Afternoon

Happy Friday afternoon to everyone out there.... but of course if you're not reading this on a Friday afternoon Happy _________________ (insert day and time here).

It's almost 4 o'clock, and boy has this been an interesting week. We're wrapping up campaign and preparing for the Thank You event.

The office is embracing the New Year. Sarah is starting the Community Impact process, Jeanne is preparing for the audit (you should see her stacks!) and I'm familiarizing myself with my new computer and working hard to get the Thank You program done. I think I have put all the final touches on it--now it needs to be proofread a few times before I copy and put it together.

Reading through and typing names for the Marsh Society pages WAS NOT fun. When Jeanne and I proofread it, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't make (too) many mistakes.

The program isn't that big or special, but boy, it takes a lot of work to put together.

Of course, as one campaign comes to a close, we start planning for our new year. Sarah and I are going to work together to bring you the messages of Community Impact. I also want to revamp our web site. This was a goal of mine for 2006, but it didn't come to pass. We updated it more, though (that counts for something, right?).

Neither Jeanne or myself have any formal experience in Web design--so the thought of changing what we have is a scary one. But I feel a new web site would serve the community better and be easier for us to update and use.

There really are too many things to tell you about right now ... especially for 4:00 on a Friday afternoon.

But my New Years Resolution is to bring you blogs more frequently--so hopefully you'll be reading about all our adventures in the months to come.