Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Impact Process produces results you can see across the Marshfield area

The campaign is over—but that doesn’t mean we’re not busy at United Way. The Impact Process is in full swing.

In January we met with the three Vision Councils: Community & Basic Needs, Families & Seniors and Youth Initiatives. The Vision Councils are comprised of volunteers from human service programs and other programs working day to day with the community—from teachers, police officials, housing leaders, etc.

In the community’s Impact Plan, there are two levels: Emerging Issues and Community Services. Emerging Issues are identified needs in the community that if not addressed, will have a negative impact in other areas that will affect our quality of life. Community Services are core issues and services that are the foundation of a healthy community.

Last fall, the Vision Councils evaluated the goals set in 2003 and progress that’s been made since then. They have taken their findings to update the priorities and emerging needs of the Impact Plan.

Community & Basic Needs and Families & Seniors:
· Add transportation as an Emerging Issue
· Collaborate to investigate needs in dental care

Youth Initiatives:
· Move Life Skills & Self Esteem to Community Services—because programs in our community have done a fantastic job addressing this former emerging issue by creating and expanding programming to serve youth in our community.
· Add Safe Activities for youth: birth to age 11
· Add Safe Activities for youth: ages 12+

The Vision Councils will investigate these issues throughout the year and work towards solutions to helping those in need throughout the Marshfield area.

It’s exciting to see results from the current programs and new initiatives they are undertaking. Have you seen the results? They’re everywhere in our community. Elementary students are receiving preventative dental care, youth of all ages are participating in after school activities and homebound residents are receiving daily hot, nutritious meals, to mention only a few.

This spring, we take these needs and results to Review Panels to decide funding for 2008. We are working towards providing for priority or emerging needs throughout our community, ensuring your dollars are spent carefully.

It’s an ongoing, always changing process—working all year long to provide the best services to care for our community.

If you want to be attend a Vision Council meeting or participate in the Impact Process contact Community Impact Coordinator Sarah Krenn at 384-9992 or volunteercenter@tznet.com.