Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services - Family Resource Center

Miranda is a Grandmother who recently received legal guardianship of her grandson and is feeling overwhelmed with the new challenges of parenting as a grandparent. She is worried that she has out-of-date parenting skills. She says that the Love and Logic parenting class she attended provided her with information that addressed her specific needs and concerns with parenting.  Discipline was at the top of her list.  She acknowledged that she didn’t feel confident, since she previously had the role as a grandparent and that through this parent education class she learned different ways on how to manage her (grand) child in regard to discipline that she feels more comfortable and confident with using.  Miranda said she learned several discipline techniques that she feels are direct, yet nurturing.  In addition, she feels as though she has connected with other parents, including another grandparent in a similar situation who she feels will be a future support.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services' family resource centers partner with parents and other community resources to strengthen families. Our Family Resource Centers are a place for you to build on your parenting skills.

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