Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Value of a Dollar

Recently, I stumbled upon an article online, “What $1 Used to Get You vs. What It Buys You Today,” ( Here are a few highlights from the article:
          1808:  two pounds of coffee
2014:  3 ounces of coffee (and not from Starbucks either)
          1941:  four movie tickets
2014:  ¼ of a movie theatre bottle of water
          1955:  4 burgers, 1 milkshake, 1 soda and 1 fry from McDonald’s
2014:  1 small fry
          1973:  10 Hershey bars
2014:  5/6 of a Hershey bar
          1998:  1 gallon of gas
2014:  1 pine tree car air freshener

Needless to say, the dollar can’t buy you as much today as it once did, but your dollar here at United Way is still incredibly valuable. For just one dollar, United Way can provide a weekend food pack to a child facing food insecurity in his/her home. And, your donation of one dollar per week can do so much more, including this year, give you a chance to win some cold, hard cash.

With the generosity of several sponsors (Central City Credit Union, Thornton Trucking, and V&H Trucks), United Way will be giving out four $1000 cash prizes to donors to this year’s United Way Campaign through the GIVE & WIN Sweepstakes.

Two ways to be get entered to win include:  any donor making a contribution of $1 per week (annual gift of $52) to the Marshfield Area United Way campaign in 2015 is automatically entered into the Give & Win Sweepstakes for 50 chances to win,  and any Marshfield Area United Way donor who gave at least $52 or more to last year’s campaign and increases his or her gift by $1 or more in 2015 will double their odds and automatically be entered into the Give & Win Sweepstakes for 100 chances to win.

For official rules and to find out how to make your donation to Marshfield Area United Way, please visit Qualifying donations must be received by 4:00 pm on November 30, 2015.

Ashley Winch, Marketing & Campaign Coordinator
Marshfield Area United Way

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