Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Holidays Are A Time For Reflection, Gratitude

It had been a long day.  With a small army of volunteers we had outfitted over 500 eager children for the start of the school year with backpacks and school supplies.  As the last of the kids were being served, my thoughts turned to the task of clean up that was ahead of us.  Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I expected it to be one of my volunteers with a question, instead it was a teenage boy.  He said to me, “I was here earlier today with my mom and younger brother and I got a backpack and supplies that I will need for the year.  When I was leaving I asked what time you would be done.  I rode my bike here in hopes that you would let me help clean up, to try to re-pay for what you have given me today.”  I have to admit a lump formed in my throat.  It was a wonderful reminder of the good that lies within each of us, and being grateful for what we have and what we have been given.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays upon us, it is often a time we take the opportunity to reflect upon all the things in our lives we are grateful for…family, friends, and health to name a few. And for some, things like food, shelter and clothing are also at the top of list.

As you think about everything you are thankful for this year, know that there are many others thankful for things, as simple as school supplies, they have received because of your generous gift to United Way. Your donation means more resources for our community's most vulnerable populations. It means food on the table for families facing hunger, it means a roof over the head of people facing homelessness, it means support for victims of domestic abuse, it means a healthier, stronger community and so much more.

Paula Jero, Executive Director
Marshfield Area United Way

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