Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Your Community Needs You...

“It is kind of like having to choose between your children.”  This was a statement that was made by  It really was an accurate statement.  Requests to United Way for 2016 totaled almost $682,000 and with $530,000 available to grant, it made for some very difficult decisions.  So how do the volunteers decide?  Through an extensive process of application reviews and interviews and deliberations individuals representing local businesses are the ones who determine the amount of funding for programs applying for United Way funding.  A number of factors weigh into the decision making process.  Including:  How critical is this service for our community?  Without United Way funding will this program cease to operate?  If United Way is supporting multiple programs for an agency can we afford to support all of the programs, or do we need to determine which program is most important for our community and focus our funding in that area?  How many people does this program impact?  What does the organization have available in reserves funds?  What are the outcomes for the program?  It really was a difficult process this year.  All of the programs that submitted applications are excellent programs that contribute to the quality of life in our community.  However, there was simply not enough money to fund all of the programs that applied for funding.
one of our thirty volunteers that were involved in allocating funds that were raised during the 2015 campaign to area non-profits.

During the fall United Way campaign, one of the things that we tell potential donors is that funding raised by the campaign stays local, and that the amount that is raised directly translates into what we have available to invest into our community.  It’s hard since donors all have programs and organizations that they want United Way to support, unfortunately there are just not enough resources to support all of the programs.  I hope that in the future when individuals are asked to support United Way they remember that there is a direct correlation between the amount United Way is able to raise in the community and the support of needed services.  Be generous!  Your community needs you!

Paula Jero, Executive Director
Marshfield Area United Way

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